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The Common Sense Initiative

The Common Sense Initiative requires state agencies, when developing or reviewing their business regulations, to seek input from interested parties early in the process and to balance the goals of the regulation with the costs for businesses to comply.

Regulatory Reform eNotification System

As of January 1, 2012, all proposed state agency rules that impact Ohio businesses will undergo an analysis and be subject to review by the CSI Office to determine if the regulatory intent of the rule justifies the impact to businesses. The centralized eNotification system enables individuals, businesses and other interested parties to track, review and comment on these rules as well.

From this site, users can register to receive eNotifications from any specific agency or subject area that they choose. As rules are being drafted and reviewed, registered users will receive emails alerting them that the rule is open for review and comments. Any comments, concerns or recommendations may be made on the OBG eComments page, which are then forwarded on to the respective agency and the CSI Office for its consideration.

Common Sense Reviews

After January 1, 2010: Comment on Proposed Rules and View CSBRs

Prior to January 1, 2010: View CSBRs